No longer between two jobs!

31 Aug

So I thought this blog would be about me being stressed-out and cranky because I would look for a job for way too long, but luck was with me and yesterday I signed my new contract! I can now call myself a consultant for Wise Professionals, a Swedish company that finds professionals for different jobs in Sweden.

My location will be at an international financial analyst firm with its Swedish office in Stockholm. Wait, what?  Am I not a political scientist with interest in gender studies, what to do at a financial analyst firm? Well, I will be working with their administration, something that I have experience from working both in the states US and A and in Sweden. I´m super excited! I have so far only met the administrative part of the office, and they seem very kind, ambitious and fun to be around.

I definitely noticed how my mood went up times a ton when I found out that I got a job. I went shopping for spiffy bizznizz clothing yesterday, you know basic tops, pantyhose and a black cardigan. Spent about 12 USD on a black umbrella with sparkles at Mango just because and felt professional all day. (Then I passed by my brother´s job, Teknikmagasinet and he told be I could have bought a black one from him for about fifty cents, but hey – no sparkles…)

I also stayed up way too late last night beginning to alter a few dresses I bought at Swedish Goodwill just because I had too much energy to go to bed! So, this blog will probably change from stress about jobs and creative work to other stories (but still creative work).

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